About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team with specialists in costs, planning, structures, facilities, architecture, construction and sustainability. We are guided by a spirit of innovation and improvement in each of the projects we participate in. We provide creative constructive solutions and constantly seek the very best materials, procedures, techniques and results.

We collaborate in the development of any type of architectural project, and we do so with professionalism and efficiency, with expertise in relation to the market, the most innovative trends and solutions, and with experience, imagination and commitment.

Leo Fernandez Director LF
Eva Utrera Directora Técnica EU
Paz Moya Jefa de Proyectos PM
Carolina Castillón Arquitecta CC
Raquel Garcia Especialista LEED y BREEAM RG
Borja Castillo Especialista BIM BC
Arantxa Fernandez Asistencia Técnica AF
Tomas Dalda Especialista en Estructuras TD
Monica Fernandez Arquitecta MF
Irene Fernando Asistencia Técnica IF
Jorge Carrion Arquitecto Técnico JC
Juan Antonio Gorraiz Arquitecto JG
Daniel Martin Dirección de Ejecución de Obra DM
Arturo Hernando Arquitecto BIM AH
Guillermo Julian Asistencia Técnica GJ
Diego Moreno Especialista en costes DM
Carmen Villar Especialista en costes y planificación CV
Julia Lapuerta Coordinadora de Seguridad y Salud JL
Andres Marin Especialista BIM AM
Daniel Martinez Arquitecto Técnico DM
Natalia Moreno Arquitecta BIM NM
Adrian Navarro Arquitecto BIM AN
Adolfo Borrego Jefe de Obra AB
Lina Raginyte Especialista BIM LR
Cristina Ruiz Especialista BIM CR
Sonia Ramos Arquitecta BIM SR
Ana Renieblas Directora de Ejecución AR
Marina Rodriguez Arquitecta BIM MR
Ruben Rodriguez Especialista BIM RR
Carlos Vaquero Asistencia Técnica CV
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